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LMS Moodle is primarily designed to support learning through online tools. Options how This system can be used for the realization of contactless (online) education.

You can use most of the activities (modules) that our Moodle system offers. On the menu there are simple interactive activities such as Choice, Forum, Chat or Workshop as well as very complex activities such as SCORM package, Lesson, Wiki or HotPot.

When you click on each activity, a comprehensive description of the activity and its functions is displayed on the right.

When inserting activities, it is necessary to set up each activity (at least to name it). For most of adjustable elements an icon can be found. When you click this icon, the contextual is displayed that specifically explains the setting options.

If you do not know what to do, or how to set up your activities, contact the GAELP of your department, which should know how to help you.

The recommended option for communication is e-mail, however you online web meetings are possible such as skype.

We recommend checking whenever you use an activity (module) you are using for the first time the intended functionality with colleagues, when it is appropriate to verify that the module or its settings behave exactly according to your wishes.

To add activities, turn on Edit Mode in the classroom and select

Add an activity or resource

If we focus on frequently used activities allowing fast feedback or effective communication with students, then we should not be neglecting the module Forum.

Forum - this module creates a forum in the course, which is enabled effective asynchronous communication of all course participants.

The main advantage is that everyone will see the information or questions you have published course participants (depending on forum thread settings). This eliminates the need for complex mail communication.

Another similar module may be the Choice activity.

Choice - this activity allows the teacher to ask a question and define multiple choice choices. Results polls may be made available to students after they have responded, after a certain deadline or, never.

For online communication you and the students may use the module chat between yourselves.

Chat allows course participants to discuss text on the web synchronously in real time. Chatting can be a one-time activity, or can be repeated regularly every day, week

Chat logs are stored and can be made available to all course participants or only selected users based on the permissions you set. Chat is especially useful when course participants cannot meet face to face.

With the Workshop activity, you can motivate students to work on projects or sub-tasks through peer review.

Workshop - enables collecting and mutual evaluation of students' work.

They can submit any digital content, such as text documents, images or file spreadsheet. They can also submit text written directly in a text editor on the page.

Submitted solutions are evaluated using the multicriteria evaluation form the form is set by the teacher.

For complex provision of interactive content to students, more complex modules can be used, however the setup is not complicated. Complexity consists mainly in the provision of educational content and setting its possible interactivity.

These modules, such as HotPot, SCORM package, Wiki, etc. also include the activity Lesson.

Lesson enables to create adaptive and interactive explanatory material. The teacher can take advantage of a lecture to create a sequence of pages or educational activities to offer students a variety of paths and browsing options.

There are many ways to reach and interact with students in a Moodle course. An advantage is also to enable communication between students in order to interact with each other within the creation of semesterly projects, etc. This can be done mainly by Chat and Forum activities. There can be several forums in the course that can serve different purposes. The figure below is shown an example of using a forum to inform students in one way about news in the subject (named Information) and others, which, in turn, are for discussion with and between students each other (named DISCUSSION FORUM (QUESTIONS)).

In addition to these two forums, the image also shows the location of the webinar's information Google Meet tools (of course, this information can also be posted in forums, etc.) and specific webinar URL.

Furthermore, the use of the Chat mode (named Just chat).

Place a link to a video of the initial online meeting with students using Google Meet (ZÁZNAM úvodní schůzky - Google Meet).

And other materials important for students.

Do not be afraid to fully use LMS Moodle for effective implementation of online learning. You save time for the students, and yourself in combination with web-conferencing or videoconferencing systems you will basically be able to fully replace your regular contact instruction.