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Video calls can be used to connect students and educators for online learning.

Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is a part of the G Suite application that is successfully used by FEM educators and staff. G Suite is a set of cloud tools provided by Google. G Suite for Education is a cloud solution for schools and Universities with unlimited storage for email, files, folders, and backups.

Google Hangouts Meet is an app for running group video calls, with options for chatting, or sharing your screen. The Meet app is available for G faculty accounts Suite (@pef.czu.cz) only, but you can invite participants to a video call with a private Google Account (@gmail.com) or even anonymous participants.

Up to 100 people can participate in the video call at the same time. Video calls can also be recorded on Google. These recordings can then be published via a link or placed in video library or be used in LMS Moodle.

To create a video call for online Hangouts Meet lessons, the only things you are need,

  • Faculty G Suite account (If you do not have one click here - see guidelines)
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and microphone
  • Internet or data connection
  • Internet browser for Android / iPhone

Guidelines for starting a videocall Hangouts Meet for educators

? Requirements for using the Hangouts Meet service 

? How to get a G suite account for using Hangouts Meet? 

? How to start or plan a videocall Meet? 

? Guideline for using Hangouts Meet on mobile phone

? How to control Hangouts Meet during a video call, how to chat, how to present 

How to upload and share Hangouts Meet videocalls (for educators) 

Tip Create a virtual consultation room using Meet

Benefits of Google Hangouts Meet

Setting up a video call for online learning is very easy, and your students will connect just as easily to the video call. Just create an online meeting and send a link to your students, and everything is basically done.

The meet service is fully integrated into other G Suite applications, so students can access the videocall directly from their google calendar or from the email invitation.

Meet offers special iOS and android apps to show you appointments for that day with all the important information from the calendar, and you can join with a single click.

Your video call content is safe. All audio and video transmissions on the service Meets are encrypted. Users can securely connect while away workplace.