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To connect teachers in departments, work teams, projects, or you can use messages directly with each other.

Google Hangouts Chat

Google Hangouts Chat is part of the G Suite for Education, which can be used by any CZU PEF employee. Google Chat is fully integrated into G Suite and communicates with other applications and searches all users of G Suite's.

Stay connected with colleagues from your department or project team with Hangouts Chat.
Set up virtual rooms to invite selected participants and get together in groups exactly depending on what you want to solve. Send links to documents, spreadsheets from Google Drive, and links to websites using the Chat. Send images, photos, videos or other files. And add a smiley according to the mood :-). In two clicks create a Hangouts Meet video call for all participants in the Hangouts Chat.

You need a G Suite account to access Hangouts Chat.

Guide for Google Hangouts Chat

Advantages of Hangouts Chat

Integration with the G Suite service

You can upload files from Google Drive, collaborate on Docs, Sheets, or Presentations. Create online Hangouts Meet video calls right in Chat.

Robots work for you

Deploy Google Drive to let you know about file sharing and new comments or requests to access your documents. Robot Meet is connected with Google Calendar. There are many robots available for third party applications.

Search in Chat

Use Google's powerful search to search for members, previous room conversations, and shared files.

Chat wherever you need to

You can use Hangouts Chat either on your computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone.


Chat uses the G suite ecosystem, which puts security first and offers a reliable and compliant solution.