PEF Online


The Information Support Centre of Faculty of Economics and Management CZU Prague has created a website for teachers to support online education. The teacher can connect with students by distance and partially replace the teaching at the faculty.

You will find manuals for video and web conferencing services (Google Hangouts Meet and MS Teams), redirection of CZU internal phone line and more.

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Ing. Petra Bendu, Ph.D. - tel: 224 382 278, e-mail: bendap@pef.czu.cz  
    Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts Meet and LMS Moodle support
  • Tomáše Fulína - tel: 224 382 470, e-mail: tfulin@pef.czu.cz 
    Adobe Connect and Google Hangouts Meet support
  • Ing. Jana Prokopa - tel: 777 347 090, e-mail: prokop@pef.czu.cz 
    G Suite accounts and applications management, Google Hangouts Meet support
  • Jaroslava Špačka - tel: 224 382 471, e-mail: jspacek@pef.czu.cz 
    technical IT support
  • Bc. Martinu Cestrovou - tel: 734 171 018, email: cestrova@pef.czu.cz
    classroom management