If you are interested in visiting, please contact Ing. Petr Kos.

Contacts for operating staff:

Hradecký Ondřej
, Ing.

Head of SIS, HUBRU Project Manager
E-mail: hradecky@pef.czu.cz
Phone:+420 224 384 338
Personal web: home.czu.cz/aule/
Office: PEF E219

Kos Petr, Ing.

Head of HUBRU
E-mail: kosp@pef.czu.cz
Phone:+420 603 479 936
Personal web: home.czu.cz/kosp/
Office: PEF E231

Pavlíček Josef,
Ing. Ph.D.

Specialist - Collaborative Usability Lab
E-mail: pavlicek@pef.czu.cz
Phone:+420 224 383 244
Personal web: home.czu.cz/pavlicek/
Office: PEF E405

Bock Rudolf

Consultant - Collaborative Usability Lab
E-mail: rudolf.bock@melodyworld.info

Fulín Tomáš

Service manager
E-mail: tfulin@pef.czu.cz
Phone:+420 224 386 471
Personal web: home.czu.cz/tfulin/
Office: FTZ 205

Benda Tomáš
, Ing.

Consultant - Virtual reality lab
E-mail: bendat@oikt.czu.cz
Phone:+420 224 384 123
Personal web: home.czu.cz/bendat/
Office: SIC 221c